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Commercial Terms for Development Rights in GIFT City
  • Sr. No. Development Type( SEZ and Non-SEZ Area) Development Rights Pricing(per sq. ft. of Built-Up-Area)
    1 Commercial Rs. 1350/-
    2 Residential ( Regular Category) Rs. 1000/-
    3 Residential (PMAY Category*) Rs. 750/-
    4 Social Rs. 675/-

    (*) Terms and conditions for allotment under PMAY category

    The Developer will be required to comply with and adhere to the PMAY guidelines for construction and transfer of residential units under PMAY scheme as may be applicable at the time of allotment.

    The Developer taking up DR under Regular Category only will be eligible for allotment of DR for Residential buildings under PMAY category.

    GIFT will allot DR under PMAY category up to a maximum limit of DR allotted under the Regular category for Residential Development.

    The Developers will be required to develop the residential building under PMAY category and the Regular category simultaneously, or within the timelines as prescribed in the Letter of Allotment.

    The Developer will be required to develop residential buildings under PMAY Scheme with preference to MIG-I & MIG-II category for residential units.

    The Developer will be required to develop residential units as per the size specifications mentioned under the PMAY Scheme.

    The Developer shall use these DR for development under PMAY scheme only.

    The GIFT DCR norms will be applicable to development under PMAY Scheme.AY

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